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What is an access panel?

Posted on 28th March 2024

Access panels are an essential part of any building. They provide easy access into cavity walls and ceilings to facilitate the installation and maintenance of building systems including Plumbing (MEP) services, Mechanical & Electrical (M&E), heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems. Without access panels, it can be difficult and time-consuming to repair or replace these essential components. In this blog, we'll explore why access panels are so important and how they can benefit your building project. One of the main reasons we use access panels is for maintenance purposes. Access panels allow us to easily access essential components like pipes, wires, and ductwork. This makes it easier to perform routine maintenance and repairs, which can help extend the life of your building's systems. By having access panels in place, you can save time and money on repairs and maintenance. Another benefit of access panels is that they improve the safety of your building. By having easy access to essential systems, you can quickly shut off power or water in case of an emergency. This can help prevent damage to your building and protect the safety of anyone inside. Access panels can also help prevent accidents by allowing maintenance workers to safely access systems without having to dismantle walls or ceilings. Access panels also provide a convenient way to hide unsightly components like wires and pipes. This can help improve the aesthetic of your building and create a more streamlined look. Access panels can be customized to match the look of your walls or ceilings so that they blend in seamlessly.

Fire-rated panels are designed to withstand the effects of fire and maintain the fire integrity of the building; being manufactured from materials that are highly fire resistant. Therefore access panels and riser access panels help to contain a fire and prevent it from spreading. By using fire-rated panels, building owners can be confident that their buildings are equipped with the right measures to protect against fire.  In addition, certain properties not only aid fire resistance but also assist with insulation of the panel or hatch by utilising materials such as mineral wool and fibre, this contributes in conforming to Part L section of the Building Regulations in England, which covers the conservation of fuel and power. This regulation sets standards for the energy performance of new and existing buildings, including requirements for insulation, heating systems, and ventilation. In conclusion, access panels are an essential component of any building or structure. If you're considering installing access panels in your building, don’t hesitate to contact us at Access Panel Shop Limited, we are happy to discuss your requirements 😀

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