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What is a tile-able access panel?

Posted on 18th April 2024

Today’s blog is about tile-able access panels and where they can be utilised.

What is a tile-able access panel?

Principally, it is an access panel designed to be seamlessly integrated into a tiled wall (before tile application) to enable access for installation and maintenance of building facilities such as M&E, MEP, and HVAC systems.

Once the access panel is fitted into the wall, tile(s) are then fixed to surrounding area and the access panel door recess; a sealant product can then be applied around the outside edge of the door and adjacent wall tiles. We can manufacture your access panels to suit your specification enabling the application of a single tile or multiple tiles within the door tray; so, no cutting of tiles on site required.

If using our touch catch access panel there is no visible locking system or key holes to the face of the door, simply press the face of the door to release the catches: no one would know the panel is even there!

If you require security locking, we have options available too, including budget lock, key lock, and tamper proof systems. To fit the mechanism for key operation the tile requires the formation of a hole to the face, this is then finished with an escutcheon, covering, and neatening the cut edge. This also makes for a great secure storage solution.

Other features include fixed hinge or lift-out door options for complete door removal, enabling clear working area and easy access when carrying out maintenance work.

So where are tile door access panels used; here are a number of instances.

Tiled kitchen walls situated in restaurants, hotels, bars, hospitals and health care facilities, workplaces and private residencies helping to maintain a clean, hygienic workspace.

Tile-able access panels are perfect in the bathroom for concealing and accessing unsightly pipes, additionally water and moisture can be sealed from mechanical and electrical components.

If you require access panels for tiled walls in swimming pool areas, wet rooms or spas facilities, tile door access panels are the solution. Consider requesting moisture resistant plasterboard in your access panels to adhere your tiles to, enhancing resistance to moisture and water damage, inhibiting mould growth, and resilience under humid conditions.

In conclusion tile-able access panels are the ideal solution for your project, integrating flawlessly into your tiled wall, with desired aesthetics and high-end finish.

If you require more information on tile-able access panels, please don’t hesitate to contact us at Access Panel Shop Limited.

Thanks for reading and happy installing!

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