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Painting and Wallpapering Over Access Panels

Posted on 16th May 2024

When it comes to access panels in residential or commercial spaces, you can indeed over-paint in many instances; here are some key points to consider:

Standard Metal Panels:

  • Standard metal panels are commonly supplied powder coat finished RAL 9010 Pure White for fitting on site with no additional requirement for on-site decoration

  • If you require non-standard colour, we routinely supply panels factory finished to customer RAL or BS specified shade.

  • Alternatively, to achieve a close match to the surrounding area dust-prime only factory finish is an option, leaving panels ready for decoration on site.

Painting Over Metal Access Panels On-Site:

  • If over-painting already finished and painted access panels, consider the following.

  • Thoroughly clean the surface of the access panel before painting, light sanding of metal doors aids paint adhesion to the panel.

  • Use a high-quality primer designed for metal surfaces to ensure better paint adhesion and durability. Water-based emulsion is recommended for fire rated access panels rather than solvent based paint that may negate the fire integrity of the product.

  • Take care when painting between door and frame, locking mechanisms and seals.

  • Keep in mind that layers of paint may affect the functionality of the panel if it needs frequent maintenance or inspections.

Wallpapering Over Access Panels:

If you require access panels with the intention of wallpapering over them, we advise you specify this when ordering. We can then manufacture plasterboard door panels to suit this situation, thereby reducing the likelihood of paper catching or tearing when the panel is utilized for access.

Still thinking about wallpapering over standard access panels, this is possible with care and attention.

  • If the panel is metal, ensure the surface is clean and free of grease and dust.

  • Use a primer for metal surfaces as adhesion is key.

  • Choose a wallpaper suitable for the material of the access panel.

  • Wallpapers with peelable backing adhere to metal surfaces without requiring wallpaper paste.

  • If using traditional covering, prepare the surface by smoothing out imperfections and applying a wallpaper primer; you are going to need a non-porous adhesive suitable for metal surfaces.

  • Remember that wallpaper could impact the ease of opening and closing of standard panels not manufactured specifically to receive wallpaper.

In summary, proper preparation and the right materials are essential for achieving a polished look without compromising panel integrity and accessibility.

Feel free to reach out to us at Access Panel Shop Limited if you need further assistance!

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