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What is a Beaded Frame?

Posted on 31st January 2024

What is a Beaded Frame?

It has a perforated edge that surrounds the door of the access panel, the frame is commonly formed using CNC punching (less frequently laser cut); the formation of the perforations gives a good key for the application of skim plaster or tape and joint finish. Beaded frame access panels are utilized in unfinished walls or ceilings before being plastered. The finished access panel being used to provide access to services hidden behind walls and ceilings such as, mechanical and electrical systems (M&E), plumbing (MEP), and heating, ventilation, and air conditioning HVAC systems. The frame can also be applied to riser door access panels that are located in the riser shafts of multi-storey buildings. Such panels are available with properties such as fire rated, non-fire rated, acoustic and security locking systems.

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