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About Us

We have been involved in designing, manufacturing and supply of access panels for walls, ceilings, shaftwalls and risers to the construction industry for twenty years, with our forebears pioneering access panel concepts, design and production innovation for fifty years; where we led others have followed.


Our products are performance led, whether fire rated, tileable, metal or plasterboard door they integrate into their surroundings whilst provide perfect on-site access solution to utilities. We offer standard powder coated factory finish (special colours available on request) or slight texture which gives a good key to emulsion over on-site to match surrounding area perfectly. The quality of our access panels is key to our products sustainability and lifetime in its environment. We support our customers in supplying products for sectors such as education, hotel & leisure, hospitality, offices, private housing, retail, hospitals and health care and mixed use environments.


Our fire rated access panels range from sixty minutes to two hour performance for solutions for both walls and ceilings, with recent addition of rated panels from both sides and tested to BS/EN standards.


Our service includes but not limited to attaining an in-depth understanding of specific requirements for each of your projects. Assisting on selecting the correct access solution according to your needs with on-site visit to meet your requirements, fast delivery and prompt service.


By telephone or email we would be happy to answer any of your questions, Access Panel Shop customer satisfaction is our priority.